Thursday, May 14, 2015

Looking for the Helpers as a Response to the "No Muslims" Graffiti at TTUHSC

One of our favorite TV neighbors, Mr. Rogers, used to say that when he saw scary things in the news, his mother would respond with "Look for the helpers".

KCBD news channel in Lubbock reported today (5/14/2014) that the words "No Muslims" had been painted on the TTUHSC seal in graffiti.

In the spirit of Mr. Rogers, I would like to take this opportunity not to focus on the horrible message of hate (painted on what is really a symbol of education, love, and hope), but on the overwhelming response of love expressed by the community at TTUHSC, TTU, and Lubbock in general. The following are a series of quotes from members of the Lubbock community taken from social media.

Dear Muslims, we love you!

"I cannot believe this. it absolutely breaks my heart to know that there are people out there who think it is okay to destroy something that means so much to so many people, especially with such hateful wording. Texas Tech is so much better than this. I chose this school because I felt welcome every time I turned a corner. because I felt like I belonged. because it felt like home. the fact that someone tried to destroy that feeling for someone else just kills me inside.
wreck em always yall. and I pray that the person who did this gets wrecked harder than UT football did in 2008 when Crabtree made the game winning touchdown." -TTU Law Student

"Wow. I'm a med student here about to graduate next week and this is really shameful that this is the news our school is getting right now instead of a being able to celebrate all of the graduates. Shame on whoever painted this and I can guarantee that this is NOT the sentiment of all of us in this great school." -TTUHSC Medical Student

"I disagree. Muslims, you are welcome at Tech." -TTU Grad Student

"I know you all likely know about this already but it seems a show of solidarity is in order to support our community. Any ideas? There should be an overwhelming response of support for our diversity and people should be appalled. I hate that this is what people might think the norm of our school." -TTUHSC Medical Student

"This is beyond horrible. I would love to find the person(s) responsible for this and introduce them to the many wonderful future physicians they have discriminated against." -TTUHSC Medical Student

"That just breaks my heart." -Facebook comment

"This is absolutely disgusting and deplorable behavior. Way to buck the stereotype of "good ol' boy" by defacing your university's seal. No *true* Red Raider would ever do this, and if you are an alum, then you should be ashamed of yourself. " -Facebook comment 

Any individual can paint a message on a symbol. That individual clearly does not represent us. It takes an entire community to send an overwhelming response of love and acceptance. I'm glad there are so many helpers at TTUHSC, at TTU, and in Lubbock in general.

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