Monday, July 27, 2015

How to Pick Your Worldview: Step 1

This is the start of a series on how to pick your worldview. What do you believe? Are any religions actually true? How can you know?

I want to give everyone the tools they need to figure this out for themselves.

Step 1: Commit to search for truth
Make the decision to follow the evidence wherever it leads. Start to accept that what you grew up believing about God or about religion might not be true. Sure, maybe the evidence points towards what you already believe; maybe it doesn't. You don't know unless you look at the evidence.

Many choose not to search because they think the evidence to make an informed decision does not exist--and this simply isn't true. There is a wealth of evidence!

Maintaining an open mind and a commitment to conform your thoughts and beliefs to reality is essential. Without it, you can't expect to find real answers to the most important questions in life.

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