Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Time to Learn Greek!

In order to understand the Historical Argument, it is extremely useful to understand the Greek language! This is especially true when examining the existence of possible discrepancies (the existence or non-existence of discrepancies often times hinges upon the grammar of the sentence in Greek, not English). Because of this, I have decided to take an introduction to Greek class at Texas Tech.

Perhaps some of the readers would like to join me? The best way to learn Greek is to actually take a class, but there are many online resources as well! In fact, I am making myself one of those resources. As I learn the Greek language, I will be posting updates and pointers. I would also be happy to answer questions (or take questions and bring them to my professor). The number of posts I do on the Greek language will depend largely on the interest shown by readers!

Anyway, if any of you would like to take the first step, find yourself a copy of the Greek alphabet online and memorize the letters and the sounds that go along with them! If there is interest, I will outline the next few steps to take in learning Greek. Remember, any amount of Greek you learn will be helpful! This is especially true when you combine your knowledge of Greek with online resources such as NetBible.org!

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