Thursday, September 1, 2011

Time to Learn Greek! Diphthongs and the 5 Cases!

I know that everyone is just itching to run to the nearest book store, shell out some dough for a Greek book, and devote hours of their time to learning an ancient language!

On top of all that, I bet you can't wait to hear about the topic of this post- diphthongs and the 5 cases of Greek!

I'm sure all of you have memorized the Greek alphabet already, but if you need a refresher, check this out:

Table of Greek letters with pronunciation

And now on to diphthongs!

Dipthongs - vowel combinations
And finally, the 5 cases:
  1. Nominative- case of the subject (or more precisely, the subject of the finite verb)
  2. Genitive- case of possession, origin, and separation
  3. Accusative- case of direct object
  4. Dative- case of indirect object and of locative (locative means 'location,' so a spatial relationship) and instrumental relationships (it can help to think of instrumental as 'to use like a tool')
  5. Vocative- case of direct address
I hope you have enjoyed!!!


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